I’m Mauricio Bladinieres, a Mexican graphic designer and digital artist.

Throughout my life I always thought that reality seemed very gray, so the flame of passion turned on me to create characters, tell stories, develop brands, colors and fill in a vibrant way a little part of the world. Life is about that, about bringing magic into people’s daily lives!

I studied a Graphic Design Bachelor and a Communication and Marketing Master at Anáhuac Mexico University, North Campus. Also I have a digital Drawing Diploma and a Digital Marketing Diploma at the same University. As well I have a Google Digital Garage Certification in The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing.

Creator of Drangoncorn and his magical mates bringing to life Mau Blad’s personal branding.

Founder of Nessie’s Loch, a Creative Agency that specializes in entrepreneurs and SME’s.

Writer of the Amazon Self Publisher’s Book named “La Sonata del Bardo”.



  • National award in Visual Communication professional category (Label and Graphic Packaging) for the Diseña México 2021 in collaboration with Fernanda Guerrero as Creative Directors and Founders of Nessie’s Loch (Creative Agency)


  • Honorific Mention in Professional Branding for the Diseña México 2021 – Nessie’s Loch
  • Honorific Mention in Professional illustration for the Diseña México 2021 – Nessie’s Loch
  • Honorific Mention in Professional Social Media for the Diseña México 2021 – Nessie’s Loch


2019 – Now Creative Director at Nessie’s Loch

2016 – Now Sr. Graphic Designer at Universidad Anáhuac México North Campus

2015 – Trainee at La Agencia Viva!

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